What insurance do you have to have?

Insurance varies both in cost and scope. No matter how boring it may seem, they are an invaluable shelter in case something happens – for example, if the house burns down, the children get seriously ill, you become unemployed, the car breaks down or the dog needs veterinary care.

Without the right insurance, these events can be devastating for you and your family, both personally but also financially. The first thing to figure out is what you already have, to avoid double-signing insurance.

What insurance do you have through employers’ unions?

What insurance do you have through employers

It is sufficient to be employed by an employer who has a collective agreement or has taken out insurance for the collective agreement insurance to apply. You do not need to be a member of a trade union organization to be included. If you are also a member of a trade union, you also have insurance included in the membership.

Depending on which trade union you belong to, the associated insurance policies vary. Find out which insurance company your union has an agreement with, maybe you have the opportunity to collect your other insurance under the same insurance company? Having insurance in the same company often gives advantageous discounts.

What is included in the insurance you already have?

Read the insurance terms. It may seem boring, but it is so important!

Insurance you must have

Insurance you must have

Life insurance

Life insurance is a must – especially if you have family. For example, if you die and have large loans, the result may be that the rest of the family cannot afford to stay in your home. Life insurance assures the survivors to survive financially should the tragic event occur.

Health insurance

If you become long-term sick leave, the recommendation is to take out health insurance in order to supplement the insurance fund’s reimbursement. This way you can avoid the financial strain that can arise for you and your family if any of you get sick.

Accident insurance

An accident is never planned and can happen to anyone. Should someone in the family become disabled as a result of an accident, you can get medical and financial compensation through an accident insurance. These insurance policies can usually be taken advantageously through employers or the union.

children Insurance

Insuring their children should be seen as a matter of course, they are the most precious thing you have. Insurance through the municipality generally only applies during school hours. If you have children, you should take out child insurance from the first day they come to life. It is then valid until the child reaches the age of 25.

Home insurance

Securing your accommodation is important, whether you live in a villa or condominium. Housing insurance includes not only protection for your home and your belongings, but also travel protection, legal protection, liability insurance and assault protection. In home insurance you can choose different supplementary options, such as full-risk insurance – an invaluable alternative for you who have children as the accidents can happen a little often.

Car Insurance

If you own a car, you are legally obliged to have a traffic insurance. Then you can choose for yourself if you only want traffic insurance or add half insurance or full insurance. When buying a car, a car damage guarantee is included in the first few years and then half insurance is sufficient, but it is important to keep track of when this warranty expires if you want your car fully insured.

Pet Insurance

If an accident occurs to your pet, you must be able to get help caring for your family member. It costs a lot of money to care for animals at the veterinarian, and it also applies to minor procedures and treatments.

Insurance you may need sometimes


Travel insurance

Generally, travel insurance is included in your home insurance for up to 45 days long trips. If you are traveling for a longer period, you should take out an extension of the insurance, or a separate travel insurance. Some bank cards offer travel protection if you pay the trip with the card.

Health insurance

This insurance gives you priority in healthcare and fast specialist care. But in most cases public health works well. Many employees also receive health insurance through the employer.

Income insurance

Compensation from the A-cash is limited. An income insurance supplements the A-cash allowance so that an unemployed person can receive up to 80% of the entire salary. So if you know that unemployment would hit hard on your or your family’s finances, you should take out income insurance. This insurance is usually included in the collectively agreed insurance policies.

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